London Fashion Weekend Virginity

I lost it!  Woo hoo.

As a keen follower of all things fashion, it has always been a dream to attend Fashion week and this year I did.  I woke up in the morning stressing about what I should wear (usually I’d plan an outfit before hand but for some reason I didn’t and was heavily relying on my fashion instincts to choose me an outfit).  Make-up was applied in 20 minutes and then I decided to paint my nails in my favourite charcoal OPI nail varnish ‘Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees’.  I  don’t know why I decided to paint my nails before I got dressed but of course today was the day it would take my nails an age to dry, so my mum ended up getting me dressed- you can always rely on mum to save the day!


I spent the hole day getting lost in the pop up shops whilst keeping hydrated with a delicious champagne and elderflower drink… (okay drinks).  The pop up shops included Pringle (who were the main sponsors of the show), Toni and Guy, Maybeline, Marcus Lupfer and many more.


Later on in the day I took my seat at the catwalk which featured the upcoming trends.  Suede, flares, metallic’s and good old monochrome made is appearance on the models that strutted their stuff on the catwalk.


I kept my outfit for LFW pretty simple.  My trusty black leather trousers and black polo-neck (both from Zara) made an appearance which I teamed with my fab new black studded Zara boots which are very Christian Louboutin esq as well as a royal blue waistcoat, also from Zara- I don’t tend to stray too far!


Fifty Shades of Amazing

This year I spent Single Awareness day aka Valentines Day with my besties in Bournemouth.  We spent the weekend drinking, eating and laughing.  We also of course were being predictable and watched the new ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ film!  The weekend started off with strawberries, chocolate, cream and pancakes at Sprinkles Gelato restaurant- pure finger lickin’ goodness!

I like to dress to every occasion, and Valentines Day was no excuse.  I wore my ‘I don’t need a Valentine I need Valentino’ jumper for the Fifty Shades of Grey film #girlpower.

I read all 3 of the Fifty Shades books back in 2011 so was very excited to see the books come to life on the big screen.  Before watching the film I read some of the reviews and the movie had got mixed write-ups.  Well my review is that it is AMAZING.  The movie was everything I wanted it to be and more.  I now have huge JDP (Jamie Dornan Panic), he is so sexy in the film it is untrue  His body is so amazing that my face probably went 50 shades of red (thank god the cinema is dark).  Dakota Johnson played the role of submissive Annastasia Steele fantastically.  The film was raunchy and sexy but also had a very endearing and complex love story which drew your intention in and made you really invest in Christian and Anna’s relationship.

The ending of the movie was amazing and leaves you wanting more.  I’ve never come out of a movie theatre before and said “I want to go and see it again tomorrow.”

Roll on Fifty Shades Darker!



Wild About… Beauty!

The first few months of the year I always dull- but that doesn’t mean your make-up bag has to be dull either!  This post is my first beauty post- so bare with me on this one as I am no beauty expert FYI.

I started using make-up when I was around 11.  My poor baby skin was caked in ‘Maybelline Dream Matte Moose’ and my eyelashes coated in ‘Maybelline Great Lash’ black mascara- no bronzer, no eyeliner nothing!  Luckily my application of make-up has improved through the years and hopefully it will continue to do so!  I have always had little confidence with regards to make-up.  Watching beauty vloggers and picking up tricks from the ladies on make-up counters is always helpful when you want to expand you make-up skills.

As a sufferer from spotty teenage skin I never found a foundation that would cover those awful blemishes the way I wanted it to.  For many years I used tinted moisturizer, which just didn’t have the coverage that I needed.  Foundation was always my nemesis until I found the ‘Nars Sheer Glow’ foundation.

I wear make-up every day but I have never experimented with different companies and have stuck with cheaper brands.  It wasn’t until September 2014 that I opted for a change and really upped my make-up game.  I watched a certain beauty vlogger who filmed a video of her daily make-up routine using ‘Nars Sheer Glow’.  I saw the instant change in her skin as she painted on the foundation and just knew that it would change my life.

That day I went and brought ‘Nars Sheer Glow in the Santa Fe’ tint along with some Real Technique brushes and I have never looked back since.  This foundation is everything I wanted and more.  For a foundation that covers blemishes so well you would have thought it would be quite thick and heavy- it is in fact not.  It is super light and can be applied with ease.  It looks dewy and allows your skin to glow.  My natural skin pigmentation is loads of different colours- I guess this is through having spots over the years.  For £32 the ‘Nars Sheer Glow’ foundation makes my skin all one colour and hydrates it at the same time- check me out with all my beauty lingo!  Anyway, this is totally amazing and if you are looking for a new foundation I100% recommend this to you!


So before I apply my one love Nars foundation I prep my skin so I can remove all the crap off it from a heavy night before.  I use a Clarasonic brush (I’ll write about this in another post) which deeply cleans my face and then I use the ‘Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion’.    From a sufferer of dry skin a moisturizing moisturizer is key for me.  I love this lotion.  Moisturizer is a difficult product to recommend as everybody has different skin but if your skin is flaky and in need of a rich moisturizer then this yellow potion is for you!


My best friend got me the ‘Lacome Hypnose Waterproof Mascara’ for Christmas and my eyelashes are ever so thankful. The mascara glides onto my lashes easily without any nasty clumps. My eyelashes look very defined and are a great length when the mascara has been applied. The brush is a great size and captures in the big lashes to all the small lashes in the corner of your eye.


In this cold weather you may find that your lips are suffering from dryness but suffer no longer with the ‘Clinique Moisturizing Chubby Sticks’. These sticks of wonderfulness come in loads of different beautiful colours and wacky names. My favourites are ‘Graped Up’, ‘Mighty Mimosa’ and ‘Chunky Cherry’. The balm is easy to apply with the pencil effect applicator and feels SO soft on your lips. If you were a fan of colouring-in when you were younger and you lips need a bit of TLC then you need to invest in a Chubby Stick now- they are a blast from the past.



Warning! Shameful blogger post below

Uh Oh… So I haven’t posted since the 5th December and I feel tres bad about this.   Lots of personal stuff going etc and the fact it was Christmas and I couldn’t draw myself away from my kitchen table.  Eating all the delicious Christmassy foods has meant that my poor blog has suffered and has been feeling very neglected!

Fear not.  Wild About Fashion is back with a fashionable bang and is ready to smash 2015 with lots of exciting blog posts!

Apart from eating my body weight in lindt chocolate over the festive period I also did a bit of charity work.  On Christmas day Freddie and I (Freddie being my trusty Fiat 500) drove up to Canary Wharf, London to help at homeless shelter.  When walking into the shelter I felt a bit apprehensive but as soon as I saw a number of people doing a Zumba dance lesson to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars my anxious feelings drifted away!

I was working in the kitchen and prepared and served a 3 course meal to 40 homeless guests and 30 volunteers along with 5 other helpers.  We created a delicious Christmas feast of Turkey and all the trimmings.  I was mainly in charge of preparing the starters which was mushroom soup and garlic bread (making 17 loafs of garlic bread made me never want to see a clove of garlic ever again!).

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the food we made and it was amazing to see how grateful the guests were when we served them their dinner.

I am so grateful to have been able to partake in such an amazing and eye opening experience.  The meaning of Christmas has become so lost within all the fancy wrapping paper and perfect presents, that spending time with people who have all their belongings in a black bin bag makes you think about what really matters.

If next Christmas you want to trade in your Santa’s hat for a hair net then you can apply to volunteer at this very address-

There are loads of different and exciting volunteering roles for you to get stuck in with!



If you hadn’t noticed, it’s December which not only means you can crack into your advent calendar but it also means you can delight yourself with this blog post about the classic Christmas jumper!

Christmas jumpers are renowned for being the most un-fashioanble piece of clothing in one’s wardrobe, but this year the high street have pulled out all the stops and provided us fashionistas with some stylish christmas jumpers.  Wave goodbye to the ugly knitted jumper and hello to the fantastic slogan knitwear!



This ‘kissing guys for mine pies’ is not only fabulously christmasy with the red-sequined writing but it is also something I would do to get my hands on some mince pies!  This £28 jumper from ASOS is definitely on my Christmas list.

Not that I think the slogan on this sweatshirt is necessarily true because let’s face it, who is too old for Santa?  This could be the perfect jumper for you if you are a bit of a grinch, from ASOS for £28.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 14.43.47

Now on the other hand, H&M have got this jumper completely correct.  This ‘Dear Santa, I want it all’ is £14.99 and Santa, I want this one too!


For those of you who are on the forgetful side this £42 jumper is the winner for you.  Now you will never forget when Christmas day is!  On behalf of the forgetful ones, thanks Topshop!

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 14.56.37

This Rad £17.95 jumper says it all, so I’m not going to say anything more…. apart from I love Ryan Gosling.

It is a known fact that it is officially Christmas when the Coca-Cola ad is show on TV, this year it can be officially Christmas when you wear your Coca-Cola sweatshirt from ASOS for £30!

You can get super festive with this £46 Topshop jumper.  Treeeeee-ific!


I think this jumper would be on the top of Miley Cyrus’s christmas list this year from Rad costing £17.95.


Okay so this isn’t a christmas jumper, but this t-shirt was just too good not to mention on my blog.  I love this ASOS £18 t-shirt!



If you haven’t noticed animal print boots are BIG news right now.  Designer brands like Isabel Marant, Giuseppe Zanotti and Tabitha Simmons are loving leopard print booties which is why the trusty high street have given us some great copies.

These fur-babies are a real dream from Next for £75.  The block heel has the 60’s look going strong.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.54.38

I am loving these snake effect heeled boots from Topshop with the stand-out gold metal heel.  These really are a dream for £150.

Zara’s ‘high heeled leopard print booties’ hit the spot for £89.99.  They would look killer with skinny jeans or a leather skirt.

The Monki ‘Selina Leopard Print Chelsea Boots’ are purrrrr-fect if you like to stand out from the crowd, costing £40.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.07.30

River Island’s ‘snake print platform ankle boots’ have huge sass appeal all for £65.  Sssssssssassy!

These boots definitely weren’t made for walking but they will look fabulous so the walking part doesn’t really matter.  These beaut boots are £89.99 from Zara.



Happy 100th Birthday to the iconic Burberry Trench coat!  That’s right, the Burberry trench coat has been around for 100 years!  The trench is the ultimate classic coat and to me represents old school Hollywood glamour.  The ‘Sandringham – Long Heritage Trench Coat’ from Burberry is a special (and expensive) piece that I have had my fashion eye on for many years!  As it is Burberry it does come at an expensive price which is why I have found scoured the high street shops for you!  The fabulous trench coat never seems to go out of style and as it’s 100th birthday has arrived high street stores have given the Trench coat a re-vamp!  Check out some of the luxe for less trench coats I have seen!



This double breasted belted beauty (that’s hard to say) from Zara is a super chic and stylish all for £99.99.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 21.07.39

I am loving this Miss Guided trench and it’s only £34.99!  It’s uber flattering and looks great belted or non-belted.  I’d get this before it flies off the shelves!

A dark green trench coat that is bang on trend- it has to be from my favourite high street store Zara for £99.99.  This dark green coat is a great twist on a classic.

Another wonder from Zara here.  This tan coloured short trench is particularly perfect for petites, costing £69.99.

Karen Millen’s metallic ‘Glam Trench Coat’ might not be everybody’s cup of coffee but I think this is fab-u-luxe.  It does come with an expensive price tag (£325) but this is a unique and eye catching piece.  It would be perfect dressed down during the day but would also look amazing draped over your shoulders worn with a cocktail dress.

Stand up collar – check.  Buckle fastening belt – check.  Tortoise shell buttons – check.  Epaulettes – check.  This trench has all the right artistes and for a price of £99.99…. another winner from Zara here!


Turn up your collar and cinch the waist on this Mango trench coat.  The leather detailed cuffs add a urban twist on a classic for £69.99.


These Wintery morning’s and night’s can be tough to handle.  Waking up and going to bed in darkness can be super depressing so it makes it that slightly bit easier when I have something luxurious to change into when I dash home at night.  My Christmas list this year is filled with silky pyjamas from the high street which will make me feel good and look good!

I am in love with this gorgeous pink River Island set for £32.  The paisley print pattern makes the PJ’s look that extra bit special and if pink is not your colour, this set is also available in cream.


You can be rest assured you will sleep well in this £30 silky ASOS set.  This pattern is so adorable that a robe is also available in the same pattern- well done ASOS!


Pretty floral pansy print PJ’s are all you want in a comfy pair of pyjamas.  This is a £32 set which is also available in shorts- thanks Topshop!


Boyfriend’s are good for two things; 1 is to feel loved and 2 is to wear their clothes!  If you don’t have a boyfriend’s wardrobe you can dip into well this £30 Minkpink top can do the job for you from ASOS!


You will be sleeping in style with this Marks and Spencer’s playsuit which is part of the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley range for £29.50.  If it is good enough for super model Rosie, it’s good enough for us!


Lipsy have proved they aren’t only good for partywear but also loungewear too!  This £38 set looks so good it would be tempting to wear it out in public!


You won’t want to change out of this paisley print pyjama set from River Island for £30.  Stylish and comfortable- it’s almost too good to be true!


This fleecy DKNY pyjama set is perfect for a cold night in front of the fire eating christmas treats all for £60!



You can float like a butterfly in this New Look butterfly set for £19.99.  These summery pyjamas can get you through the wintery months


Dream big in this night tee for £18.  Check out Topshop’s other nightwear (there ‘Coffee, Pancakes, Waffles’ is also a winner).

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 16.53.54

H&M’s satin pyjamas are also available in a pretty patterned pink design for £24.99.  This luxurious traditional black and white trimmed set is a winner for me!


These funky Mono Stripe pyjamas are set to be a hit!  Also available in a longer trouser and shirt version, thank you very much ASOS!

Looking stylish in pyjamas has never been easier with this super glam River Island oneise for £28.  Onesie’s have never been so glam!



Its November, so I can officially start blogging about Christmas which makes me very happy!

December is always a great month because it is socially acceptable to wake up every morning and eat some chocolate from your Advent Calendar.  For a chocolate lover like me, this makes those cold December morning’s just that little bit more bearable.  I know it’s not December yet but I just had to blog about these insane Christmas Advent Calendar’s before they all sell out!

If chocolate is not your thing or you just want something different this year, then these Advent Calendar’s are for you!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 16.35.08

 This Boohoo Advent Calendar is the perfect festive treat for every fashionista all for £22!  Behind each door lays a new piece of makeup or jewellery!  What a lovely Christmas treat!


 Countdown to Christmas with The Body Shop Advent Calendar.  Open the Advent windows to discover either a bestselling body/face care, iconic fragrance’s or nail colours. Make it Christmas every day in December for £50!


Wake up to a jewellery surprise every day and build your accessory collection in time for Christmas from Topshop at £25!  12 stud earnings, pretty bracelets and rhinestone charm necklaces trump chocolate any day!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 16.51.52Christmas will come early when you open your Advent Calendar from Benefit this year.  The Calendar is packed with 24 of Benefit’s bestsellers (from lipgloss to mascara) all in miniature sizes which is perfect for your handbag!  Sadly this £60 product has already flown off the shelves but lets wish to Father Christmas that some more will be in stock asap.  Counting down has never been so fun!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 17.03.41

If nail varnishes make your heart flutter then you should prepare for some serious butterflies.  Ciaté’s Mini Mani Manor is filled with beautiful colours and nail art sprinkles so your manicure can look good all season.  With this extravagant 24 piece for £49 set you receive 15 mini paint pots, 1 full size paint pot and 8 nail effects.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 18.44.28

Your Christmas wishes could come true with this Jo Malone Advent Calendar.  Behind each signature cream and black draw is a beautifully scented fragrance, delicious body creams or a bath time treat.  This will be available at Harrods on the 10th November for £250.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 19.21.12

 No7’s first ever Advent Calendar has arrived and it’s a cracker.  The Calendar consists of No7’s bestselling products with a special beauty quote behind each door- everyone loves a quote.  This calendar’s value is worth £135 and is being sold for £35.  It’s a winner for all ages with the glittery seasonal makeup.


This £149 Liberty’s Calendar would make a great early Christmas present for yourself or a loved one.  Liberty’s have provided the ultimate indulgence Calendar which will unveil a new surprise every day with Liberty’s must-have beauty buys.  With a Calendar like this, I think it would be tough not to peak at the goodies before it is time!



Christmas is just around the corner and I am really noticing the sudden winter chill.  My next couple of posts will be based on some lovely cozy winter accessories that will keep you very toasty.
If you want to look good but also do good then listen up because today’s post is about a scarf that isn’t just any scarf, it is a scarf that will make a difference.

Alder Hey Children’s Charity supports the life-saving work of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital which cares for families across the UK. Support from the public helps provide remarkable life-saving equipment and research that the NHS doesn’t fund as well as arts and crafts bits for the patients.

#AlphabetScarves have been worn by a load of celebs; SJP, Abbey Clancy, Britney, Jessie-J, Mark Wright, Justin Bieber, Tinie-Tempah and loads of other famous faces who are all supporting the charity. The scarves are not only super comfy and stylish but they also feel very personal. 100% of the profits that are made go straight to the charity so whilst you prance around getting a load of complements on your scarf you can also feel good because you have helped a charity- and that’s priceless!

So why don’t you go and support Alder Hey Children’s Charity in style with a alphabet scarf.