Slogan tee’s are my lazy way of dressing. The fact is slogan fashion is the way forward. There is no need for a chunky necklace or any accessories actually if you are wearing a slogan top or sweatshirt that can do all the talking for you. If I am having an undecisive morning the item of clothing that I automatically reach for in my wardrobe is my ‘full time fashion blogger’ sweatshirt- it’s always a winner.


Here are 15 of my selected favorites that are on the shop floors at the moment!0085902250_6_1_1


Forget the London marathon, shopping marathon all the way.  This ones from Zara at £17.99.  Shopping is the only cardio you will see me doing.


It doesn’t matter if this is regards to Prince Harry, Harry Stlyes, Harry Potter or Harry your next door neighbour.  My heart belongs to Topshop for this £20 wonder.



*enter sarcastic comment here* £16 from River Island.  Sarcasm has never come cheaper.


If you think you might be on the naughty list this year and Father Christmas won’t be delivering to your house maybe it’s time to do some apologising.  I would start with this sweatshirt from Zara at £19.99.


For all you mean girls out there this sweatshirt does come at a mean price at £65 from Finds, available from Net-A-Porter.


Be super chic in this fabuluxe sweatshirt from Topshop for £30.  Tres chic!


If you are trying to send someone a message then this t-shirt from Zara is for you.



To all the international jet setters it’s time to get cosy on your flight with this Zoe Karssen cotton blend sweater.


Time to get truthful in this ‘it’s not me it’s you’ top from River Island.  Maybe you should wear this one after the breakup.  #awkward


“First things first”… go get fancy in this Abercrombie & Fitch tank.  “I’m so fancy…” especially because this is in the sale for £22.40!  Let’s hope Iggy Azalea would approve.


Release your inner rockstar with this Zara sweater costing £19.99. Don’t go throwing your TV out the window, that would be silly.


If only we did wake up looking like Marilyn Monroe.  Beyonce vibes from this Finds sweatshirt. Available at Net-A-Porter for £65. #flawless


For the junkie inside of you this tee from Zara will satisfy your cravings for only £15.99.


Hangover hoodie is the next onesise.  Fact.  Get yours at Boohoo.com for £14.  That’s less than a Gin & Tonic at the Beaufort Bar at The Savoy in London!


This t-shirt is for the 90’s supermodel within you.  Strut your stuff in this slogan tee from River Island for  £18!


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