The obvious-

  • I am a lover of fashion, shoes, shoe shopping, clothes shopping, handbag shopping and generally all types of shopping!
  • My two Minature Schanuzers Archie & Zac are my obsession in life.
  • I adore travelling around the globe and experiencing new things and meeting cool people.

The non obvious-

  • Fun fact, I love stamp collecting. I’ve been a stamp collector since I was 8 years old. It’s geeky I know but the designs on all the different stamps are pretty amazing!
  • I am hyper mobile and can pretty much click most of the bones in my body.
  • To my parents I am known as the tomato queen. Cherry tomatoes are my thing.
  • Unlike a lot of people, I have decided not to go to University and go straight into the big bad world of working- who needs £32k debt? (I’d rather spend the money on handbags!


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