Fifty Shades of Amazing

This year I spent Single Awareness day aka Valentines Day with my besties in Bournemouth.  We spent the weekend drinking, eating and laughing.  We also of course were being predictable and watched the new ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ film!  The weekend started off with strawberries, chocolate, cream and pancakes at Sprinkles Gelato restaurant- pure finger lickin’ goodness!

I like to dress to every occasion, and Valentines Day was no excuse.  I wore my ‘I don’t need a Valentine I need Valentino’ jumper for the Fifty Shades of Grey film #girlpower.

I read all 3 of the Fifty Shades books back in 2011 so was very excited to see the books come to life on the big screen.  Before watching the film I read some of the reviews and the movie had got mixed write-ups.  Well my review is that it is AMAZING.  The movie was everything I wanted it to be and more.  I now have huge JDP (Jamie Dornan Panic), he is so sexy in the film it is untrue  His body is so amazing that my face probably went 50 shades of red (thank god the cinema is dark).  Dakota Johnson played the role of submissive Annastasia Steele fantastically.  The film was raunchy and sexy but also had a very endearing and complex love story which drew your intention in and made you really invest in Christian and Anna’s relationship.

The ending of the movie was amazing and leaves you wanting more.  I’ve never come out of a movie theatre before and said “I want to go and see it again tomorrow.”

Roll on Fifty Shades Darker!



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