I was walking down the Kings Road a few weeks ago and as I walked passed the Michael Kors shop I fell in love with there new ‘Camoflague Travel Tote Bag’.  I rushed straight onto the internet as soon as I got some 4G on my phone so I could have a look at the rest of the Michael Kors collection, and I really was not disappointed!


Michael Kors is designer and as much as I would love to be able to afford any creations with the Michael Kors label stitched into it, I can’t.  Whenever I do fall in love with something that is far out of my price range I always find the alternatives on the high street.  Go and give your wardrobe a utilitarian twist and see what the trusty high street had to offer!




MK: I am the ultimate ‘skate shoe’ fan so these camo beauties are perfect as they are practical and stylish.  Unfortunately style does come at a price, and the price of these are £155!


HS:  Sadly a camouflage skate shoe for under £50 was no where to be found on the internet so my next best are these Topshop espadrilles for £45 (also available in a load of other patterns and colours so you should check those out.)


MK:  This £165 sequin camouflage is uber glam and a great spin on what is a non-glamorus print.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 18.38.57

HS: have provided a great cheaper alternative to the MK jumper above.  This would look great with a pair of jeans for a snazzy evening look all for £29.99.



MK: Loving this super cozy camouflage parka!  I love the faux fur-trimmed hood which keep you warm on those wintery nights all for the price of £585!



HS: This £45.99 Zara shirt/jacket might not keep you as toasty as the Michael Kors parka above but it will look super cool with a pair of leather jeans for that ultimate rock-chic/military girl effect.


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