You can save your voices now as I have some amazing clutches to show you.  These clutches can do all the talking for you- what’s better?  These cheeky phrased clutches are the best way to add some omph to an outfit.  Let’s give everyone something to talk about!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 23.05.16

Is this Chocolate clutch your taste?  My lips are drooling over this New Look £12.99 clutch!

 Yes, you!  This is the perfect clutch is everything is all about you!  This is from M&S for £25!


I can’t hack skiing, but après skiing on the other hand is something I can hack and I happen to be quite good at.  This is the perfect clutch to take on the slopes for £15 in the SALE, thanks H&M!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 23.18.36

Whatever you do this New Look clutch for £12.99 is a great clutch for you to stick two fingers up to the world and just say WHATEVER…. so whatever.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 23.24.05

Shake your wardrobe up with this retro milkshake clutch from New Look for £12.99… and in the words of T-Swizzle, shake it up, shake it up uh uh…


Fangs a lot ASOS for this clutch!  This £15 clutch is perfect for Halloween or if you just want act a little devilish for a while!


I think when any girl walks into the room they should have that Ta-Da moment and you can with this clutch from Not On The High Street.com for £18!


You can be the cookie monster that everyone is envious of with this Bershka clutch which is in the sale for £12.99- more money to spend on cookies, yummy!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 22.27.47

Get obvious with this clutch if you are trying to send your date a message from Accessorise for £19!

BOOM, this Next clutch for £12 is a winner winner chicken dinner.



We all know Kim Kardashian is partial to a high heel, but recently she has been spotted in a similar style heel- the lace-up sandal heel.  I am taking inspiration from the gorgeous Kimmy K-West in this post and am showing you some of mine (and Kim’s I am sure) favourite heeled lace-up style shoes from the high street.



I am in a fashion coma after drooling over these Zara ‘High Heel Snake Print Leather Sandals’ for the past hour which are incredibly priced £49.99!  These clever little shoes tick 2 major fashion trends this season, lace-up heels and snake skin.  Trusty ol’ Zara!


Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 21.12.18

These Carvela Kurt Gieger shoes are just the ones.  The fuchsia pink soles add a feminine and fashionista touch to a sultry shoe all for £120.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 21.17.48

Miss Guided’s ‘Valentina Lace Up Tassel Heeled Sandals in Leopard’ are fab-u-lust.  The leopard print is bang on trend and I am loving the lace up detailing which wraps around the ankle.  If leopard is not your thing and you would prefer a tonal colour don’t fear as they beauties are also available in nude, black and red all for £29.99

6454301040_1_1_1A beautiful pair of mesh heels here from Zara.  The perfect heel to wear with both jeans and a skirt or dress which will make a real statement for £49.99.  The mesh really amp up the sex-appeal and will probably prevent your feet from getting too cold- all round winner!  Round of applause for Zara.


Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 21.38.43

Sharpen up a simple outfit with these lovely ‘Gladiator’ Carvela Kurt Geiger shoes for £130.  They are the seductive twist to a gladiator sandal and are a thumbs up from me.  The gold heel adds that touch of glam.  These would look great with some leather skinnies.

The Do’s & the Don’t’s

Do – wear this style shoe with a neutral coloured top and skirt combo or some killer skinnies for that ultimate rock chick look- Kim Kardashion Kopy Kat.

(Please) Don’t – wear these with tights. Like all peep toed shoes we should always see your toes, so don’t go covering them up- time to book that pedicure.



So I thought I would share with you a song that I can’t stop playing. Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite singers. His album ‘X’ was the soundtrack of my trip through Thailand and Cambodia earlier this year. The marvelous radio show that is Radio 1 invited Ed to do a Live Lounge earlier this month. The R1 Live Lounge allows artists to sing their songs acousticly and to also do covers of fellow musicians work.

Mr Sheeran did an amazing cover of Hozier’s ‘Take me to Church’ which I can’t stop listening to.

Have a listen and let me know what you think!

PS- ignore all the chatting at the beginning, I got the link from Radio 1’s Youtube channel!



I was walking down the Kings Road a few weeks ago and as I walked passed the Michael Kors shop I fell in love with there new ‘Camoflague Travel Tote Bag’.  I rushed straight onto the internet as soon as I got some 4G on my phone so I could have a look at the rest of the Michael Kors collection, and I really was not disappointed!


Michael Kors is designer and as much as I would love to be able to afford any creations with the Michael Kors label stitched into it, I can’t.  Whenever I do fall in love with something that is far out of my price range I always find the alternatives on the high street.  Go and give your wardrobe a utilitarian twist and see what the trusty high street had to offer!




MK: I am the ultimate ‘skate shoe’ fan so these camo beauties are perfect as they are practical and stylish.  Unfortunately style does come at a price, and the price of these are £155!


HS:  Sadly a camouflage skate shoe for under £50 was no where to be found on the internet so my next best are these Topshop espadrilles for £45 (also available in a load of other patterns and colours so you should check those out.)


MK:  This £165 sequin camouflage is uber glam and a great spin on what is a non-glamorus print.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 18.38.57

HS: Very.co.uk have provided a great cheaper alternative to the MK jumper above.  This would look great with a pair of jeans for a snazzy evening look all for £29.99.



MK: Loving this super cozy camouflage parka!  I love the faux fur-trimmed hood which keep you warm on those wintery nights all for the price of £585!



HS: This £45.99 Zara shirt/jacket might not keep you as toasty as the Michael Kors parka above but it will look super cool with a pair of leather jeans for that ultimate rock-chic/military girl effect.



Every year in August, when I know the Winter months are just around the corner I start to look at the A/W trends and I will always purchase a new coat.  This year for my birthday I was given a coat that has been on my wish list for a while. I will admit, I am a slight hoarder of Winter coats so when I saw this Massimo Dutti coat I knew I needed to add it to my collection. I love a coat that is classic and chic and this coat does the job perfectly!


I have both black and navy winter coats but for a while I have lusted after a camel coloured coat. I adore the shape and simplicity of this gorgeous classic garment. Although it is on the pricey side, you are paying for a tailored fit and a fantastic Italian wool blend fabric.

Lucky for you, I have picked out some of the best camel coats that are currently being sold on the high street!


This Topshop coat has the ‘boyfriend vibe’ going on for £110.  It is a slouchy and non-tailored fit so this maybe isn’t the one for someone who is looking for something tailored.  The long length of this coat means it needs someone tall to pull it off, or if you are on the shorter side and you are confident walking in high pair of heels then this is the one for you!


ASOS’s ‘double breasted pea coat’ wonder is £85 and it is what every girl should want in a winter coat.  The gold metallic buttons are a winner as they make the coat look that little bit more pricey.


This lush wool camel coat is from Zara and is £89.99.  The collar on this coat is my favourite aspects of a classic coat.  I love a coat where you are able to pull up the collar and make yourself look that little bit more edgier!  The length is not to long and not to short, its just right!



Miss Guided’s £59.99 ‘Kimberly Premium Waterfall Coat’ is a beautiful, elegant length and is a perfect cover up over a fancy dress or co-ord outfit or even with some skinny jeans and a cozy jumper.




I wanted to share with you a recent discovery I found whilst searching the Vogue Youtube channel.

Joe Sabia is a digital remix artist (don’t ask me what that is) from New York and his recent collaboration with Vogue is an absolute gem.  Joe interviews celebrities, but this isn’t your bob-standard interview.  This is an interview that is extremely interesting and compelling to watch.  A interview with Mr Joe Sabia consists of him asking 73 questions to a celebrity.  73 random questions that don’t need to be replied with a long winded answer.  He get’s to the nitty gritty and finds out the likes, dislikes, and views of some of the worlds favourite personalities.  Joe asks questions like, “what’s your favourite movie”, “what’s your favourite quote”, “what is the best thing that has ever happened to you”, “what are you most excited about in you life”, and my favourite question which was asked to Daniel Radcliffe “what is something that you know about Harry Potter that know one else knows“- I’ll let you hear the answer yourself!

The interview does not take place in a studio but in a natural environment, like the celebrities home, a ping-pong bar or an office and is filmed all in one shot- this really makes you feel like you are there getting to know the person and not the celebrity that you see in the movies or magazines.  He has interviewed, or should I say questioned my two fave style icons; Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively and interviewed Vogue editor Anna Wintour so it’s a thumbs up from me!

If you want to have a look at what I am talking about, follow the link below and enjoy!




Slogan tee’s are my lazy way of dressing. The fact is slogan fashion is the way forward. There is no need for a chunky necklace or any accessories actually if you are wearing a slogan top or sweatshirt that can do all the talking for you. If I am having an undecisive morning the item of clothing that I automatically reach for in my wardrobe is my ‘full time fashion blogger’ sweatshirt- it’s always a winner.


Here are 15 of my selected favorites that are on the shop floors at the moment!0085902250_6_1_1


Forget the London marathon, shopping marathon all the way.  This ones from Zara at £17.99.  Shopping is the only cardio you will see me doing.


It doesn’t matter if this is regards to Prince Harry, Harry Stlyes, Harry Potter or Harry your next door neighbour.  My heart belongs to Topshop for this £20 wonder.



*enter sarcastic comment here* £16 from River Island.  Sarcasm has never come cheaper.


If you think you might be on the naughty list this year and Father Christmas won’t be delivering to your house maybe it’s time to do some apologising.  I would start with this sweatshirt from Zara at £19.99.


For all you mean girls out there this sweatshirt does come at a mean price at £65 from Finds, available from Net-A-Porter.


Be super chic in this fabuluxe sweatshirt from Topshop for £30.  Tres chic!


If you are trying to send someone a message then this t-shirt from Zara is for you.



To all the international jet setters it’s time to get cosy on your flight with this Zoe Karssen cotton blend sweater.


Time to get truthful in this ‘it’s not me it’s you’ top from River Island.  Maybe you should wear this one after the breakup.  #awkward


“First things first”… go get fancy in this Abercrombie & Fitch tank.  “I’m so fancy…” especially because this is in the sale for £22.40!  Let’s hope Iggy Azalea would approve.


Release your inner rockstar with this Zara sweater costing £19.99. Don’t go throwing your TV out the window, that would be silly.


If only we did wake up looking like Marilyn Monroe.  Beyonce vibes from this Finds sweatshirt. Available at Net-A-Porter for £65. #flawless


For the junkie inside of you this tee from Zara will satisfy your cravings for only £15.99.


Hangover hoodie is the next onesise.  Fact.  Get yours at Boohoo.com for £14.  That’s less than a Gin & Tonic at the Beaufort Bar at The Savoy in London!


This t-shirt is for the 90’s supermodel within you.  Strut your stuff in this slogan tee from River Island for  £18!



Have you ever fallen in love with something so much, that you can’t stop thinking about it and when you see it in person you fall in love with them more than you thought possible? Well I have and this ‘something’ happens to be the most incredible pair of shoes ever to be made.

HIGHLANDSUE_BLA_13I am sick and the only cure is these insanely beautiful Stuart Weitzman ‘Highland Over the Knee Boots’. Never have I ever fallen in love with a pair of shoes as much as I have with these beauties. But who can blame me. It would be impossible not to love these thigh high boots seeing as they are so on trend right now.   I can say I have tried and tested this product as I couldn’t stop myself from trying these on in the Russell & Bromley store near my house.  Unfortunately the only thing I don’t like about them is the price, they are an incredible £595! *sad face*  They are available in black, stone, a creamy colour and a bluey colour and if you aren’t keen on the heel, Mr Weitzman has also created the thigh high boot as a flat shoe- he really caterers for all of our needs.

If like me you are waiting to see if you have been good enough this year for Father Christmas to put them in your stocking, have a look at the other (slightly cheaper) thigh high boots that I have seen on the high street to pacify your cravings.


655933_mainRiver Island’s ‘Black Over the Knee Suede Boots’ are “the seductive and wearable knee high boot, perfect for strutting your stuff” in. At £120 they are a decent price.


image4xlThe Sam Edelman ‘Kayla Over the Knee Heeled Boots’ are most similar to the Stuart Weitzman boots but at a much cheaper price. They are a winner if you don’t want to splurge most of you pay cheque on the Stuart Weitzman boots as they are only £285!


32C03GBLK_3_largeIf these Topshop boots are good enough for Cara Delevingne they are good enough for us. These are a great pair of boots if you have slightly bigger calves.   After reading the reviews on this product it is mentioned quite often that this particular style appears quite slouchy. So if you are looking for a more slouchy style fitted knee high boot then this is the one for you. But if you are of a petite build or you are after a skin tight fit then I wouldn’t recommend these.

Okay so all of the shoes above are over the price of £100 but thigh high boots are not the kind of shoe to be pushed to the back of your wardrobe after A/W14. They are a wardrobe must have and if you don’t believe me well just make sure you dress up as Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman to every fancy dress party you go to so you can get the most wear out of them.





Carrie Bradshaw is the ultimate ‘it’ girl. With an extensive collection of clothes and shoes (and a walk-in wardrobe to die for), she’s a fashion icon for most around the globe. If you are a true ‘Sex and the City’ fan like me, you will be aware of the iconic Manolo Blahnik satin pumps that Mr Big gave Carrie. If you have always lustered over the stunning blue £657 shoes, don’t fear because I have found the next best solution for you! Dune London have answered our prayers and created an almost identical copy of Miss Bradshaw’s favorite shoes! Not only will we be creating some shoe envy whilst walking around in these fabulous Dune shoes but our wallet won’t be suffering as much as you would think! Only costing £89, the shoes are available in a beautiful fuchsia, grey and black- I can’t wait to get my feet into these!

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 13.52.18





There are some serious wooly wonders coming in to play on the high street. We have had a decent September weather wise but the weather is only going to get colder now.

There are a load of amazing different scarves on the high street stores at the moment, so take a look at some of the items I have picked out!



I love this oversized leopard print scarf from ASOS which looks super soft and fluffy! Leopard print is the easiest print to buy as it goes with everything and is never out of fashion! This oversized scarf (for only £18, such a bargain) can also double up as a cape- winner!

image4xlAnother excellent scarf from ASOS here and even cheaper than the leopard print one at £15! This eye catching purple and yellow scarf is very Harry Potter esc so if you don’t like the choice of colours make sure you check out the other colours that it comes in! Time to find my wand and spell book!


4219205050_1_1_1This summer I have really warmed to the colour yellow, and although that big yellow thing in the sky isn’t shining as much, it doesn’t mean we still cant wear it! I love wearing the colour black; black jeans, black top and a black jacket is my go-to outfit so this Zara check scarf is perfect for me as a pop of yellow can really lift an outfit.



If you weren’t a fan of the yellow and black check scarf then this black and white check scarf (again from Zara) could be a winner for you! This look super soft and warm and something you would want to take of on a cold day!


image1xlWhen searching the high street stores for scarves I couldn’t have not shown you this one! Okay so it’s not really a scarf, it’s more like a cape but I love how different this is! I have never seen a design like this before and I will definitely be purchasing this wonder from ASOS. If, like me you have fallen in love with this ‘Roll Neck Cape’ make sure you wear thin layers underneath it as it could make you look bulky.

Now where is my debit card?!