Welcome to my blog!  My first blog post on Wild About Fashion is my top tips for shopping (something we all love to do), so I hope you enjoy it!

Here goes…

Winter is creeping in so its time to say goodbye to our short shorts and floaty dresses and hello to our winter boots and cosy knitwear! Over the Autumn and Winter period I will be keeping you up to date with all the trends!

Here is a list of my top tips on how to purchase the right clothes for your wardrobe this Autumn/Winter.

  1. My rule with all clothing is, buy something of good quality. Make sure it will last you a long time, not just a couple of wears. Quality does come at a price but instead of purchasing 10 tops, purchase 1 that may equal to the same price, ensure it’s something that you can wear time and time again and that you can mix and match it with other pieces in your wardrobe.
  2. Classic isn’t boring! I am so welcoming to individual styles, I love how your clothes are able to represent your values, personality and opinions. For those of you who look to the latest trends to determine what you will be wearing for the oncoming season don’t be afraid to branch out and wear something that isn’t only featured in magazines. My personal style I would like to say is smart, classic and chic but I can often stray from this day to day. I enjoy mixing timeless pieces with accessories or 1 item of clothing that is on trend. Most of the staple garments in my wardrobe; coats, dresses, shoes and handbags are classic items that I have spent money on but I know I will be able to wear for many years.
  3. Simplicity is key! If you do decide to buy something slightly more expensive than you would usually splash out on, make sure the item is simple- no crazy patterns or bright colours. When trying the item on think “Can I see myself wearing this next year?”.
  4. Fitted= Fit! Buying something that will fit you means you will look extra fit.   Tailoring is the success to a garment looking great on you!

Happy shopping!