I wanted to share with you a recent discovery I found whilst searching the Vogue Youtube channel.

Joe Sabia is a digital remix artist (don’t ask me what that is) from New York and his recent collaboration with Vogue is an absolute gem.  Joe interviews celebrities, but this isn’t your bob-standard interview.  This is an interview that is extremely interesting and compelling to watch.  A interview with Mr Joe Sabia consists of him asking 73 questions to a celebrity.  73 random questions that don’t need to be replied with a long winded answer.  He get’s to the nitty gritty and finds out the likes, dislikes, and views of some of the worlds favourite personalities.  Joe asks questions like, “what’s your favourite movie”, “what’s your favourite quote”, “what is the best thing that has ever happened to you”, “what are you most excited about in you life”, and my favourite question which was asked to Daniel Radcliffe “what is something that you know about Harry Potter that know one else knows“- I’ll let you hear the answer yourself!

The interview does not take place in a studio but in a natural environment, like the celebrities home, a ping-pong bar or an office and is filmed all in one shot- this really makes you feel like you are there getting to know the person and not the celebrity that you see in the movies or magazines.  He has interviewed, or should I say questioned my two fave style icons; Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively and interviewed Vogue editor Anna Wintour so it’s a thumbs up from me!

If you want to have a look at what I am talking about, follow the link below and enjoy!–xl


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