Warning! Shameful blogger post below

Uh Oh… So I haven’t posted since the 5th December and I feel tres bad about this.   Lots of personal stuff going etc and the fact it was Christmas and I couldn’t draw myself away from my kitchen table.  Eating all the delicious Christmassy foods has meant that my poor blog has suffered and has been feeling very neglected!

Fear not.  Wild About Fashion is back with a fashionable bang and is ready to smash 2015 with lots of exciting blog posts!

Apart from eating my body weight in lindt chocolate over the festive period I also did a bit of charity work.  On Christmas day Freddie and I (Freddie being my trusty Fiat 500) drove up to Canary Wharf, London to help at homeless shelter.  When walking into the shelter I felt a bit apprehensive but as soon as I saw a number of people doing a Zumba dance lesson to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars my anxious feelings drifted away!

I was working in the kitchen and prepared and served a 3 course meal to 40 homeless guests and 30 volunteers along with 5 other helpers.  We created a delicious Christmas feast of Turkey and all the trimmings.  I was mainly in charge of preparing the starters which was mushroom soup and garlic bread (making 17 loafs of garlic bread made me never want to see a clove of garlic ever again!).

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the food we made and it was amazing to see how grateful the guests were when we served them their dinner.

I am so grateful to have been able to partake in such an amazing and eye opening experience.  The meaning of Christmas has become so lost within all the fancy wrapping paper and perfect presents, that spending time with people who have all their belongings in a black bin bag makes you think about what really matters.

If next Christmas you want to trade in your Santa’s hat for a hair net then you can apply to volunteer at this very address-


There are loads of different and exciting volunteering roles for you to get stuck in with!


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