Wild About… Beauty!

The first few months of the year I always dull- but that doesn’t mean your make-up bag has to be dull either!  This post is my first beauty post- so bare with me on this one as I am no beauty expert FYI.

I started using make-up when I was around 11.  My poor baby skin was caked in ‘Maybelline Dream Matte Moose’ and my eyelashes coated in ‘Maybelline Great Lash’ black mascara- no bronzer, no eyeliner nothing!  Luckily my application of make-up has improved through the years and hopefully it will continue to do so!  I have always had little confidence with regards to make-up.  Watching beauty vloggers and picking up tricks from the ladies on make-up counters is always helpful when you want to expand you make-up skills.

As a sufferer from spotty teenage skin I never found a foundation that would cover those awful blemishes the way I wanted it to.  For many years I used tinted moisturizer, which just didn’t have the coverage that I needed.  Foundation was always my nemesis until I found the ‘Nars Sheer Glow’ foundation.

I wear make-up every day but I have never experimented with different companies and have stuck with cheaper brands.  It wasn’t until September 2014 that I opted for a change and really upped my make-up game.  I watched a certain beauty vlogger who filmed a video of her daily make-up routine using ‘Nars Sheer Glow’.  I saw the instant change in her skin as she painted on the foundation and just knew that it would change my life.

That day I went and brought ‘Nars Sheer Glow in the Santa Fe’ tint along with some Real Technique brushes and I have never looked back since.  This foundation is everything I wanted and more.  For a foundation that covers blemishes so well you would have thought it would be quite thick and heavy- it is in fact not.  It is super light and can be applied with ease.  It looks dewy and allows your skin to glow.  My natural skin pigmentation is loads of different colours- I guess this is through having spots over the years.  For £32 the ‘Nars Sheer Glow’ foundation makes my skin all one colour and hydrates it at the same time- check me out with all my beauty lingo!  Anyway, this is totally amazing and if you are looking for a new foundation I100% recommend this to you!


So before I apply my one love Nars foundation I prep my skin so I can remove all the crap off it from a heavy night before.  I use a Clarasonic brush (I’ll write about this in another post) which deeply cleans my face and then I use the ‘Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion’.    From a sufferer of dry skin a moisturizing moisturizer is key for me.  I love this lotion.  Moisturizer is a difficult product to recommend as everybody has different skin but if your skin is flaky and in need of a rich moisturizer then this yellow potion is for you!


My best friend got me the ‘Lacome Hypnose Waterproof Mascara’ for Christmas and my eyelashes are ever so thankful. The mascara glides onto my lashes easily without any nasty clumps. My eyelashes look very defined and are a great length when the mascara has been applied. The brush is a great size and captures in the big lashes to all the small lashes in the corner of your eye.


In this cold weather you may find that your lips are suffering from dryness but suffer no longer with the ‘Clinique Moisturizing Chubby Sticks’. These sticks of wonderfulness come in loads of different beautiful colours and wacky names. My favourites are ‘Graped Up’, ‘Mighty Mimosa’ and ‘Chunky Cherry’. The balm is easy to apply with the pencil effect applicator and feels SO soft on your lips. If you were a fan of colouring-in when you were younger and you lips need a bit of TLC then you need to invest in a Chubby Stick now- they are a blast from the past.



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