There are some serious wooly wonders coming in to play on the high street. We have had a decent September weather wise but the weather is only going to get colder now.

There are a load of amazing different scarves on the high street stores at the moment, so take a look at some of the items I have picked out!



I love this oversized leopard print scarf from ASOS which looks super soft and fluffy! Leopard print is the easiest print to buy as it goes with everything and is never out of fashion! This oversized scarf (for only £18, such a bargain) can also double up as a cape- winner!

image4xlAnother excellent scarf from ASOS here and even cheaper than the leopard print one at £15! This eye catching purple and yellow scarf is very Harry Potter esc so if you don’t like the choice of colours make sure you check out the other colours that it comes in! Time to find my wand and spell book!


4219205050_1_1_1This summer I have really warmed to the colour yellow, and although that big yellow thing in the sky isn’t shining as much, it doesn’t mean we still cant wear it! I love wearing the colour black; black jeans, black top and a black jacket is my go-to outfit so this Zara check scarf is perfect for me as a pop of yellow can really lift an outfit.



If you weren’t a fan of the yellow and black check scarf then this black and white check scarf (again from Zara) could be a winner for you! This look super soft and warm and something you would want to take of on a cold day!


image1xlWhen searching the high street stores for scarves I couldn’t have not shown you this one! Okay so it’s not really a scarf, it’s more like a cape but I love how different this is! I have never seen a design like this before and I will definitely be purchasing this wonder from ASOS. If, like me you have fallen in love with this ‘Roll Neck Cape’ make sure you wear thin layers underneath it as it could make you look bulky.

Now where is my debit card?!


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